Sierra Rivers

Jim Crow Creek

20 acre placer claim near Downieville


Upper end of claim, nice bedrock


Upper middle, deep pools


Lower end, gravel and boulders

Claim Info:

This 20 acre placer claim is located upstream in the Jim Crow canyon. Access is by a really nice, fairly level, foot trail which begins just upstream from the Shangri-La resort. You can park at the start of the trail.

This canyon has evidence everywhere of heavy workings in the 1800s. Jim Crow Canyon is known for big gold, as is most of the canyons near Downieville. This canyon also has several old lode mines and several veins are present on the Remnant claim. Mainly you want this claim for the underwater potential to find some really nice gold. When I sampled it I pulled 2dwt out of a single crack - all nuggets. A few weeks ago when I was in there I picked up about 1/2 dwt in an afternoon. There's several nice camping spots on the claim, and an old dredge camp where Carney Creek comes in. The old Jim Crow mine at the top of the ravine produced some huge nuggets and the benches along this creek have produced both lode and placer gold.

The claim has about 300 yards of creek showing really nice bedrock and quartz veins. It would be a great place to do some high bench exploration, when you see the canyon you'll see the old timers worked the heck out of the high benches. This is a nice claim, on a good creek, way up a canyon with foot access only, but there's great potential here.

  • Offered by: Private individual
  • Type Claim: Placer
  • CAMC:CAMC 322959
  • County: Sierra
  • Price: $3,250
  • Access:Foot trail
  • Camping:Camping within 1/2 mile
  • Gold Potential:Good
  • Equipment:Dredge, highbanking, sniping, metal detector, possible lode vein
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