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Thousands of Good Mining Claims Lie Abandoned

Have you ever wanted your own mining claim?

15 January 2021

Quartz Seam

There may be some reasons to belong to a prospecting club, but lack of available mining claims isn't one of them.

For nearly 10 years we've been mapping out the existing, and historical mining claims throughout the west. What we've learned is there's about 5x as many mining claims abandoned as there are active. In other words if a county has say 100 locations with mining claims, then there will also be about 500 locations which had mining claims at one time, but don't currently have any active claims in the quarter section, or 640 acres.

If you're just looking for some free information on where to file a mining claim then click on Available Claims.

The link will take you to our maps page. You'll need to scroll down a map or two and then click on the Inyo Kern map. Zooming in and clicking on the symbol will provide you details of the claim.

The map provides abandoned claim locations for Inyo and Kern County, California, for the years 2015 to 2019 and only provides those claims where we know no one has refiled on them as of January 2021. Since people are filing, and dropping, mining claims every day make sure you do your research, because we're not going to update this map everytime someone files a claim - at least not for the price you're paying for the information.

The map provides claim locations, with different symbols for lode and placer, for claims abandoned between 2015 and 2019 in Inyo and Kern counties. These claims may still be available for claiming if you verify no one has filed, and verify they are truly abandoned and available.

There are thousands of mining claims abandoned throughout California, and the West. One trend with abandoned mining claims we've noticed is a lot of abandoned claims on the old tertiary rivers. People held onto these claims for a long time, in some cases over a hundred years, waiting for the right time to develop the mine. It appears over the past 10 years people have given up on any hopes of ever mining in California and hundreds of these old claims have been abandoned.

The claims shown on the map were available as of the date we wrote this article - the only thing you need to do is file on them. Good luck.